January 24
1 min read

Experience a New Way to Trade Digital Currency — Join the EXBI Public Beta!

EXBI, the innovative hybrid exchange, was first introduced by Morningstar Ventures at the X Day conference by MultiversX. Highly anticipated by many, EXBI sets out to merge the efficiency, accessibility, and speed of centralized exchanges with the numerous perks that come with decentralized ones.

It’s why the team is already focusing on including features like NFT avatars, Web3 login, academy section, staking, and more to unite many distinct crypto-centric ideals and solve identified problems that hinder prospective user experience.

After months of tireless building, it’s finally time to break the silence. That’s why we take great pride in announcing the launch of the EXBI Public Beta!

Throughout the Public Beta phase, you can enjoy spot trading via a selection of several popular trading pairs and test out the basic exchange features. Over time, we’ll roll out more awesome features like buying crypto with fiat currencies, Futures Trading, Earn, Referral & Affiliate Programs, NFT Avatars, WalletConnect, and others.

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