June 7
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Exbi AMA #1 (02-06-2023)

Exbi AMA #1 (02-06-2023)

AMA record on RUS

How often are you going to launch the projects and how will the project selection process take place? Will community participation in the project be consistent?

What are the main principles that guide the team in selecting potential projects?

When can we expect the first launch?

What are the main goals of EXBI?

-In 2023, our aim is to collaborate with renowned exchanges and launchpads to make joint launches. Also in our plans:

What kind of audience do you want to reach? Will you expand to countries other than the CIS?

How will EXBI develop in the future, how will it compete with projects that are developing in the same vein?

What network will you be launching the native EXBI token on?

Are you planning to launch an Ambassador program?

Will there be a tier system? For what actions will be accrued karma?

In what country is your exchange-launchpad registered?

How do you distribute the reserves in your exchange and what are they secured by?

How does the project view industry regulations that have an impact on everyone in the market, potentially leading to the cessation of existence for many projects due to initiatives by regulatory bodies such as the SEC?

Do you want to issue your bank cards and become the world's first exchange bank that converts cryptocurrencies to the world's most popular currencies in real time?

Will crypto bloggers be involved in promoting EXBI?

Will the redemption system be the same as on Coinlist?

What tools will be used to expand Twitter?

Will the exchange invest in projects with budgets under $1000

Are you planning to make a Launchpad as a Telegram bot?

What Utility will the EXBI token have?

Will the project have Discord?

Why are there currently high ping rates with exchange rate quotes?

Will there be more trading pairs?

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