June 13
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Results of the EXBI promotional campaign: Early Bird

Early Bird: What does this status mean?

You have probably come across this phrase many times while scrolling through cryptocurrency groups, and Telegram channels, or when hearing it from crypto influencers. What do these two words mean for investors? Let's find out.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, investors have the opportunity to get special privileges and bonuses by participating in a project's early stages. One such opportunity is the "Early Bird" status, which provides individuals with exclusive privileges and advantages for participating in a crypto project during its early stages.

Results of the EXBI promotional campaign

Our contest has come to an end, so we are ready to announce the results and award the most active participants with Early Bird and Early Bird OG priority statuses! The owners of these roles will soon be able to see their updated status in their personal EXBI account.

What privileges or benefits does the Early Bird role provide?

What are the differences between Early Bird and Early Bird OG?

Early Bird OG is a role given to the 100 most active participants of the promo campaign. Holders of this role will have the following benefits:


We would like to thank all participants of our promotional campaign! Don't be disappointed if you didn't get Early Bird and Early Bird OG statuses. In the future, our team will be doing a lot of activities for which you can get special roles. So stay tuned to our social media channels for updates. We appreciate the support and trust in our project. We'll be happy to continue this journey with you, striving to change the world of Web3

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