September 11
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Why is the APTOS project valuable?

APTOS (Advanced Persistent Threat Online Shield) is one of the most promising crypto projects. This crypto startup is generating interest with its technological solutions and ambitious plans for the future. Some people call it «Solana's main competitor». Others see it as a new opportunity for blockchain scaling. Some believe that it is too overrated. In this article, we will look at the main aspects and benefits of the APTOS project.

Let's start from the beginning

APTOS is a blockchain project developed by a team of cryptocurrency experts. It was created by two charismatic developers – Mo Sheikh (CEO) and Avery Ching (CTO).

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The fame came to them while working on the Diem project, previously owned by Mark Zuckerberg. At that time, Facebook was one of the most influential players on the world stage. Rumors about Facebook creating a blockchain platform with its cryptocurrency seemed like something incredibly breakthrough.

Later, the project was canceled, but the guys did not despair and created their startup based on it, called APTOS.

Soon they raised $150 million from venture capitalists and major investors: Jump Crypto, a16z, Apollo, Circle Ventures, Franklin Templeton, and Griffin Gaming Partners.

In September 2022, Binance Labs also announced a strategic investment in APTOS. After that, the project's valuation grew to $4 billion.

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APTOS Technology Solutions

Let's take a look at the main APTOS technology solutions that have shaped its uniqueness:

One of the key aspects of APTOS is its connection to the Diem project and its use of the Move programming language. Diem was an official Meta project that was formed to create cryptocurrency but was shut down in January 2022. APTOS has taken Diem's experience and technology to develop its blockchain.

The move includes a compiler, a virtual machine (VM), a developer toolkit, and a smart contract verification tool known as Move Prover. It emphasizes access control, data retention, and resource management. The move also provides strong protection against the creation of new coins without the credentials and prevents double-spending.

The project team claims that this language is ideal for ensuring fast and secure transactions, and simplifies the auditing and analysis processes of blockchain and smart contracts.

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APTOS has conducted successful testing and capacity building of the blockchain. In February 2022, the project launched a test network for developers and reached an impressive number of 20,000 full active nodes. These successes have earned the project a reputation as a reliable and scalable blockchain platform.

One of the major achievements of APTOS is its ability to process up to 160,000 transactions per second (TPS). Compare this to other blockchains, such as Solana, which has a transaction rate of only 3,000 TPS.

The blockchain is compatible with parallel transaction processing, which gives it high scalability and throughput. The entire underlying APTOS infrastructure is optimized for complex atomic transactions to protect their viability.

This means that each transaction is either 100% executed or not executed at all.

APTOS uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) enhanced consensus mechanism. It also has validators for transaction acceptance, processing, and verification.

The BFT mechanism provides a high level of security and ensures network uptime even if one-third of the validators are compromised or unavailable. Similar consensus mechanisms are also used in the Hedera Hashgraph, Cosmos, Solana, and Everscale projects.

Does the APTOS project have a native cryptocurrency?

The native cryptocurrency within this ecosystem is called APT. During the pre-launch phase, the project team did not provide public information about it, which caused a negative reaction from the community. Later, the project blog provided detailed information about the structure of the native cryptocurrency.

An interesting fact is that the project's tokenomics states that 51% of the tokens will be allocated to the community. At the moment, the project team has distributed only 2% via airdrop.



The APTOS project is a promising blockchain platform that has the potential to change the standards in the world of cryptocurrencies.

APTOS stands out with a much faster transaction processing and execution speed (TPS) than many of its competitors. If the project continues to develop at the same pace, it has a good chance of surpassing many leading blockchain platforms.

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